Alex G.

Brand architect / DIY hustler

“I create brands for the digital age using classic, analogue methods of human comunication”

  • I agree that branding is the essence of marketing

See, the truth is...

…the digital revolution has given us so many nice tools to enhance our marketing and sales. But, in relying on these tools, many people are missing the most important thing – building a brand.


This is what I do. I create memorable, authentic brands that people will fall in love with. That is the key to success, my friend.


Just take a look at Instagram, for example. Millions of businesses, and still 99% of them look exactly the same. They spend a fortune on advertisements in order to get sales. That’s not branding. Did you buy that Supreme shirt because you saw an ad for it? Hardly.


Building a brand is not about big data Al analytics and marketing pixels. It’s about knowing the right context of the times we’re living in, the broad knowledge of every aspect of popular culture.


I’ve personally created several brands who also happen to be my own businesses, starting from 2005.

take a look
at some of the


2014 – PRESENT


Frenchie World is the largest french bulldog community in the world, with more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and Facebook combined. I started it in 2015.


It has been featured in New York Times as one of the best dog communities on Instagram.


Some of the Frenchie World fans are celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Forest Whitaker, Linda Evangelista, Jonah Hill and many more.


Frenchie World was first a bulldog breeding kennel specialized in rare colors frenchies. sending frenchies in more than 80 countries. Then, there is the Frenchie World shop with frenchie accesories, the most visited french bulldog shop in the World. French Bulldog Secrets, is an online tutorial for frenchie parents.

2006 – 2011


Carrot Clothing was a streetwear brand with strong roots in the skate and street art scene, hence the name “carrot” (roots).

The core of the brand development was in collaborations with world-renowned street artists and art collectives, such as 123Klan, Michael Sieben, Flying Fortress, ZEVS, Jim Phillips, Dalek, Ben Frost, ESPO, Esteban Oriol, Morning Breath.

Carrot was a global brand available in specialty shops in more than 50 countries.

2009 – 2012


Dead And Not For Sale was a streetwear brand, drawing inspirations from the neo-punk/gothic counterculture.


The brand was especially popular in Japan, where it was popular in the famous artsy district of Harajuku in Tokyo.


The art direction of the brand has been inspired by dead celebrities, minimalism and aquarell, while the colors ranged from black, whites, and 50+ shades of gray.

2009 – 2012


Labor Division and Baldr Collective were streetwear brands, inspired by the working class of the 1930s, union made clothes from the United States, juxtaposing with Scandinavian design and Italian craftmanship.

2009 – 2012

2014 – PRESENT


I am an active fashion photographer since 2010. My editorials were featured in over 100 print magazines, including Italian Vogue, Paper Mag, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.


I got a 16-pages interview in the Lens Magazine, which is the leading international publication of fine art photography.


The signature style of my photography is based on natural light portraiture.

Alex G.

Brand architect / DIY hustler

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